Projects (and clients)

People can accomplish great things when they are trained and encouraged.

With that in mind, we develop training and development programs that help individuals and teams alike leverage their strengths to teach others and learn from their weaknesses to achieve better performance.

By rolling out a training program for more than 5,000 employees of a well-known aerospace company, we have helped individuals increase their willingness and capacity to provide superior customer service. We also created much-needed awareness of each team's impact on customer experiences.

By proposing and implementing new ways to conduct internal operations, we found a way for a major pharmaceutical company to increase its employees' engagement and efficiency. More precisely, employee engagement scores increased by 17 points and managers performed 20% more value-added tasks than before.

By designing and facilitating an in-house management academy at a global health-care manufacturer, we are currently preparing a new generation of managers to exercise flexible leadership and tackle new challenges head-on.

With you, we will build the kind of teams and managers you need to win the future. Contact us now!